covid days : 23 April + weird reading

It’s too early in the day to read about quantum computing and edge computing storage but here I am blowing my mind to slush before the workday has started. Interesting reads though.

I forgot to mention that I got the DSWD relief package yesterday. The barangay tanod didn’t come back so I went to the barangay office and got it from there. We’re essentially ready for the 2-day total lock down in Sampaloc. Well, maybe we have to throw the trash at the barangay bin before the lock down starts.

It is early afternoon already but we have not opened the DSWD relief box yet. Maybe in a little while.

Well, we opened the relief box. There’s about 2kg of rice sealed in a plastic bag, and six canned meat — meat loaf (3), luncheon meat (2), and corned pork. I am not familiar with the brands so I don’t know how they taste like.

There are two large repair trucks in front of the house and it looks like they’re set to repair the electric main lines of the neighborhood which means the electricity might get cut some time in the afternoon or evening.

The repair trucks were here to just trim the trees whose branches were touching the electricity wires. They do that regularly in our area but this is the first time in a while that I have seen them doing it again.

There’s a flurry of activity as the day closes. There are a lot more motorcycles on the streets most of whom are either picking up or making deliveries. Tonight at 8:00pm starts the hard lock down of the district of Sampaloc. I wonder how will that be. I am in no way nervous or anxious. Just curious. I am near the edge of the district so I expect I’ll still be hearing vehicular noise the hard lock down.

A thought just occurred to me that a hard lock down doesn’t equate to a holiday. Even if my district is on hard lock down and since I’m working from home I still have work tomorrow.