A Magical Walk

magical lightsIt was a good cool night for a walk. The lights were on and there were plenty of twinkling from the trees. There were no words exchanged. You just look up and you find yourself  … smiling. At that moment, it was magical.

note: the photo was taken years ago

the Journals

My JournalsI do not remember when I started these journals. It was maybe in 2013 or 2014 when too many and too much was happening in my life most of which were not good. So here they are pictured. Most of them are full and some still waiting for the ink to touch them. Even the ink has a story.

They contain what people would say — chicken scratches that tell a mostly sad story. Some pages contain some stories that I will be silent about. And some of these inks I may have already forgotten about.

These journals will be burned when I pass.

Check Ins

A long time friend asked me how I am coping in this pandemic and that made my brain start whirring and working. Actually, no one have asked me that specific question and that made me really think.

I am actually doing fine. I think I am just overthinking things and situations caused by this pandemic too lengthely. And his question made me go “oo nga, ano?!” and that made sort of snap out of that overly overthinking path.