covid days : 21 April : A Tuesday

I decided to exercise first and then have a mug of coffee. My sleeping hours have been longer these past few weeks maybe because of the quiet and the cleaner air.

I read that the lock down in Sampaloc is going to be for 48 hours. Two days. That is not actually long. I don’t know what that will accomplish.

I had a quick chat with an office friend. I wanted to see and check if they’re okay. We should check on our friends because they are … friends.

I remember reading that we have 17 testing centers but for our population. If we’re going to do mass testing there must be more testing centers and more labs to process those tests.

I am seriously thinking of getting pandesal.

I did get pandesal. And canned tuna. And cup noodles. So yeah, meryenda/dinner was good. But every time someone goes out, every time we go back, the shoes or slippers has to be disinfected and the clothes get shed and put in the laundry and the person immediately takes a bath. I’m not entirely sure that what we’re doing is correct but I sure makes us feel cleaner.

It is almost 6pm and the barangay kagawad has not come back with Mayor Isko’s relief goods. Maybe tomorrow?

It’s going to be dark soon and the quiet follows shortly after. I look forward to that part of the day when the blanket of hush falls on the neighborhood.

And the streets start to quiet down. There’s just this dog barking in the distance. It feels surreal though because it only gets this quiet in the province.

So guess it’s time to pack up the day.