covid days : 24 April + Ubuntu

Canonical just released the latest Ubuntu — version 20.04 and I’m seriously thinking of forcing an upgrade this weekend. New features look good on paper especially the ones which are related to security. Historically, the auto upgrade for Long Term Support versions will only be available a few weeks after the upgrade is released but apparently it is already available. But I am praning and will wait for a bit until maybe this weekend so there is no disruption of work.

There are two people in fatigues manning the intersection at the corner. I am not sure if they’re police or army. There should be something there to indicate the difference. One of these days somebody will complain about that.

It’s hot today. I heard from the Manila Mayor’s report that one of the reasons why they’re conducting this 2-day hard lockdown so that city officials can do a house to house rapid testing of the residents of the Sampaloc district to determine who are actually infected by the virus. This will help them map the area of covid-19 infections more effectively. That would make sense. I just wish they don’t visit us in the early afternoons because my thermostat say’s it’s 38℃ where I’m sitting which says the room has a slight fever.

It has generally cooled down but still warm. I has been quiet and because of that the day has been restful.