covid days: 02 april

La Union sunset

this was taken February 28, 2020 in front of flotsam & jetsam in la union. events were just unfolding and the virus just entering the country. i was with robin and a friend since grade school. it’s amazing how fast things develop. you close your eyes to this and when you open your eyes again you’re already in manila and quarantined.

woke up to news that a group of people are protesting because they are hungry. and the natural reaction of the police is to restrain and contain.

went to the public market early for a supply run. people were orderly. i was even able to share a laugh or two with a couple of vendors. this was an easy run.

my neighbor thanked me for sharing my wifi with her to use for work.

and a guy walking on our street just starts shouting his frustrations to no one in particular. i also heard an argument happened at the street corner. the situation is getting to people’s mental health.

it became a habit to have just two meals a day and some nibbles in between which is mostly bread and some spread.

some people want to change the president. i get the reasons why but this is a strange time that we’re living. we are in a worldwide pandemic and at this point there is very little chance of a change of president happening. he knows that so does the vp. so they work as well as they know how. so for now, we have to live with it, like it or not.

as of 4:00pm today 2,633 cases, 107 deaths and 51 recoveries. i wonder of the people keeping tabs on these numbers. i find it depressing looking at those numbers day-in and day-out. i wonder how they are and hoping they are well.

there are advantages on working from home. the travel time is cut from hours to seconds. there are no fares to grapple with which means a little more money. after work, i take a short break and then exercise, do some chores. yeah, i have to clean up the house little by little. and maintain it.