covid days: 1 april

“life. what fresh hell do you have for me today?” it’s a phrase that’s been running through my head these past days. we hit 2,084 cases, 88 deaths and 49 recoveries. there are more tests but i think we need more especially sites and the machines that can process the tests. we need more personal protective equipment (ppe) for the healthcare workers. and more people in government need a sense of urgency.

hmmmm new ideas and strategies popping up at work. interesting. most everything is going digital and online.

going out to get supplies is still stressful. i’m watchful of every person in proximity of who cough or sneezes.

death is not really contagious. the virus is. so stay healthy and get some exercise daily if possible.

looking at my calendar and i realize that next week is easter week. and tht today is april fools’ day.