covid days : 03 april

security experts found some vulnerabilities in zoom —the meeting/webinar platform i’ve been using since working from home. with an improper link, a hacker can get your windows password or in a mac can get root privileges if the hacker has physical access to the workstation. the end user cannot do much on his end so will have to wait for updates from zoom. they’re currently fixing things.

i think i’ll make a second mug of coffee. there are two webinars today to support.

fake news in the middle of a pandemic. people, verify your information first before sharing it on social media. the enemy is the virus. remember that.

apparently zoom has been busy patching things up. development of new features has stopped to concentrate on the security issues. it says the mac issue has been fixed.

corona virus related cyber attacks jumped exponentially. there are an average of 2,600 attacks per day — most of them are phishing attacks. to protect yourself, “double check website addresses to look for misspellings or anything else that seems slightly off; be wary of opening emails, especially those with attachments, from an unknown sender; and be sure you’re buying products from reputable sources, not an email linktnw

telecommuting, webinars, online meetings were just nearby plans before but are now quickly becoming or has become the norm because people and companies are forced to adapt by a virulent virus. either way, i have to find ways to improve how to do things and re-evaluate how things are being done.

i have observed my internet connection is becoming wonky at certain times of the day.

i read the virus does not like warm places — over 27 ℃ and summer is here. i hope that will help in severely limiting the spread of the virus.

work for the day is almost done. but laundry is laundry.