covid days: 29 march

it is a little less scary now to go out and get supplies. there is some semblance of normalcy. people seem to get excited about the quarantine ending. but doesn’t really mean people can go out and about freely. the virus is still there and there is still no vaccine for it. all this means to me is that i didn’t get sick. i would still have to take the necessary precautions. they may even extend the quarantine but i’m a little more prepared for it.

went out to withdraw some money. only one person per household is allowed to be outside. there is some form of organization and social distancing going into the market but i am not sure if there’s any inside. i didn’t go in. the stalls outside are open from 8:00am to 10:00am and from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. the streets are almost bare. everyone is told to go inside by eight in the evening. the barangay does some form of disinfecting the streets using the neighborhood firetrucks. i see this going on for the next month. maybe more.

my friends meet online, first using facebook then switched to skype and now we’re experimenting with webex. it’s really for meetings. but the voices are clearer and video is much better.

the nights are really quiet already.