covid days: 30 march

it’s my last full day of work for the month. unusually, i have been learning a number of things these past few days that may come in handy in the future.

a thought came to mind. i am a bit thankful that my parents, my wife or even my brother are not here to go through these covid days. most of them are immunocompromised in one way or another and this is not the time to have such an immune system.

clear os is intel’s own. i didn’t know. and i have to update my kali live install. and why doesn’t dell xps developer editions get sold here? tech stuff. i have to preoccupy my head in some way or another.

i used to tweet the number of covid-19 confirmed cases and recoveries for a few days but i realized that the numbers were getting too depressing so i stopped. but as of today, i do note that the confirmed cases are going up exponentially but this is also the case for the recoveries. as of this morning: confirmed cases are at 1,418 and the recoveries at 42.

i did find myself dragging my feet going to my workstation to work but work still has to be done if you get paid or getting paid some or not at all.

avigan made by fujifilm years is being used as a treatment for covid-19 patients. japan will continue clinical trials in cooperation with other countries and will ramp up production shortly after.

challenging day not because of the virus but what the virus does to people’s mental health or thinking. ah well, tomorrow’s another day.