covid days: 28 march

last night brought some fun to close a stressful week and end a dreadful day. a handful of us got together bringing our own drink for the day — coffee for one, alcohol and nibblers for most of of us. we dubbed it as e-numan over video chat. fun.

okay, 28th of march, what fresh hell did you bring today?

happy birthday dad. please watch over us. okay i just found out that my dad shares the same birthday as duterte but my friends know who i’m greeting.

i was hoping to read some good news but no. there isn’t much. not yet anyway.

so today, i must start to exercise to prevent atrophy. and start to re-layout life plans. i talked to the boy about our current situation and we planned on what to do for the next two months or so. we are on the same page.

found out that there’s one covid case in my hometown at the other side of the lake. and the whole province of laguna is on total lockdown.

it has been a long time since i’ve taken a good nap.