covid days : 30 April + upgrades

Last working day of the month and WordPress releases an update. I have developed this little anxiety about updates. I have always believed that if you’re going to update or upgrade something that you should be physically present in case something goes south and you’d be there to fix it. With this extended quarantine you’re stuck at home or some other place and you cannot be physically present. That’s where the anxiety starts.

And it has been a long day. People had unconsciously shown me how they behave in stressful situations. This pandemic has shown me the hidden in people. Some are good. Some more bad than others. There are no concrete conclusions but there have been decisions I have made mostly for my consumption. Good bye April.

covid days : 29 April + some things

I realized or maybe confirmed that I think in English or mostly in English and some smattering of Tagalog. I dream in English.

I also realize that people want to feel kilig — that state of kinikilig — constantly. Well, maybe not constantly but they want that feeling to be there. I don’t know if there’s a direct translation of kilig to English.

Looking over the news I thought to myself that we should have stockpiles of supplies especially medical supplies and we as a nation shouldn’t be reliant on other countries for this as much as possible. I’m talking about the basic stuff first — facemasks, personal protective equipment, etc. Those things do not spoil or rot if packaged properly.

I also see each household to be connected to the internet especially if one of the targets is to de-congest Metro Manila. You have to admit there’s a lot of people compacted in the area. The older people — the boomers and maybe some late bloomers — may have difficulties in adapting to a sudden digital life.

Yeah, twelve hours since the last update. Work and house chores has been keeping me busy. I have also thought that for the next 12 to 18 months people will have to keep their distance from one another. That’s another form of isolation I suppose. I haven’t felt somebody else’s touch in a while and meaningful ones for far longer. I am used to it. Kind of.

covid days : 28 April + encryption

I have refreshed / updated my encryption keys and the the public key is in the about page, should you be interested.

I’m starting work early so I have more time with home things. But we have two webinars scheduled for today so it’s still going to be a busy day.

Two webinars on what may happen after the ECQ is lifted and suggested strategies that can be taken so life resumes with as little kinks as possible. It is not going to be like 2019 normal but a more cautious and careful 2020 normal. So more soap, more 70% alcohol and more disinfectants will take a good chunk of the household budget — if I still have money to budget.

The day’s work is done and two more days to go. I think I worked too long today. Exercise tomorrow.

covid days : 27 April, Kalat Monday

Medyo kalat magisip mga tao ngayon. [People are a bit scatter brained today.] What happened over the weekend?

The 48-hour hard lockdown’s over. The street in front is noisier now but not as noisy as it was before the general community quarantine. The air is still cleaner and I do hope we can keep it that way when the pandemic is over.

Occasionally I find myself standing counsel to people even with this pandemic. It isn’t really a bother. In a fashion, I find it a bit flattering in that they have some trust in my opinions or point of view. I just hope that my words help a little.

covid days : 26 April + 40 Days

40days. It’s been that long since the start of the community quarantine. 40 days doesn’t seem that long with today’s available technology. I’ve been in contact with friends almost everyday. I work with my office mates virtually for more or less five days in a week. The only difference is that I can’t go out.

But this morning I was able to take a walk — a short one — and the air was cool and sweet much like the air I wake up to in San Pablo. I know this is not going to last so I’m just savoring the moment along with the quiet.

Tanghali. It’s after lunch and normally, in the province, the street traffic dwindles to a drop or two. The people noise fades in the background and a restful quiet settles. But here is the city the vehicles almost never cease.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening watching an early series that piqued my interest and made me think of relationships of people today.