covid days : 29 April + some things

I realized or maybe confirmed that I think in English or mostly in English and some smattering of Tagalog. I dream in English.

I also realize that people want to feel kilig — that state of kinikilig — constantly. Well, maybe not constantly but they want that feeling to be there. I don’t know if there’s a direct translation of kilig to English.

Looking over the news I thought to myself that we should have stockpiles of supplies especially medical supplies and we as a nation shouldn’t be reliant on other countries for this as much as possible. I’m talking about the basic stuff first — facemasks, personal protective equipment, etc. Those things do not spoil or rot if packaged properly.

I also see each household to be connected to the internet especially if one of the targets is to de-congest Metro Manila. You have to admit there’s a lot of people compacted in the area. The older people — the boomers and maybe some late bloomers — may have difficulties in adapting to a sudden digital life.

Yeah, twelve hours since the last update. Work and house chores has been keeping me busy. I have also thought that for the next 12 to 18 months people will have to keep their distance from one another. That’s another form of isolation I suppose. I haven’t felt somebody else’s touch in a while and meaningful ones for far longer. I am used to it. Kind of.