covid days : 26 April + 40 Days

40days. It’s been that long since the start of the community quarantine. 40 days doesn’t seem that long with today’s available technology. I’ve been in contact with friends almost everyday. I work with my office mates virtually for more or less five days in a week. The only difference is that I can’t go out.

But this morning I was able to take a walk — a short one — and the air was cool and sweet much like the air I wake up to in San Pablo. I know this is not going to last so I’m just savoring the moment along with the quiet.

Tanghali. It’s after lunch and normally, in the province, the street traffic dwindles to a drop or two. The people noise fades in the background and a restful quiet settles. But here is the city the vehicles almost never cease.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening watching an early series that piqued my interest and made me think of relationships of people today.