covid days : 08 April, Wednesday + Kaspersky

This week is Holy Week. Despite of, or maybe because of the virus, people still prepare for it even while working from home. Maybe some will physically go to church but I guess most will go virtual and go directly to the Vatican.

And because of that cybersecurity webinar that I listened in on I am reminded that I have to continue fortifying the my shizz. So I’m fortifying more. I’m not trusting the CCP. I’ve been getting DDoS from Chinese ip addresses. Now I get a lot of injection attempts. And a network scan from New Jersey(?). The IP addresses might be spoofed though but it doesn’t hide the attempts on the network or on a computer connected directly to the internet.

To help with your wallet and your computing security you can get a free antivirus from Kaspersky. It’s actually Security Cloud Free and doesn’t have all the fancy trimmings but the core is there. Read about here. I’m going give a go after my current AV expires.

It is heartening to know that people and companies from other countries are helping us through this times even though their own country is facing the same problem.

Have a meaningful Holy Week.