covid days : 07 April

People are being forced to grow up en masse. People learn things under pressure. Things will change. The way we do things, the way we see people will change. This will happen slowly at first but it will happen. Things change.

As the days come closer to the quarantine deadline of April 15 there is this news that it may likely be extended for two more weeks and last until the end of the month.

The food aid from the baranggay came. Salamat po!

Now I have five video meet apps installed. five! sheesh.

I attended a cybersecurity webinar and I wanted to just comment rather than ask a question.

The lockdown / quarantine will be extended until April 30. Time to modify plans again.

Thursday and Friday is a holiday so I can catch some rest. Maybe cook something I like.

My throat hurts a little. Not from covid-19. I had a big gulp of piping hot coffee this morning and now it hurts a little when I swallow. Stupid me.