covid days: 26 march

woke up 4:30. too early. i am still mad the koko pimentel, senator, who is a pui for covid19 and was under home quarantine. he walked in to makati med with his pregnant wife, didn’t inform the staff that he was a pui. it was found that he was infected with the virus, also his wife. he knew of his covid-19 status and he still went to the hospital endangering the lives of the doctors, nurses, staff and other patients there. and he wants the people to try and understand him. fuck. he’s a senator who knows the law. he knows what’s happening to the world and what is happening to this country. he knows he is infected and should be under extreme quarantine. and he still went out with his pregnant wife to makati med, knowing that he might infect somebody in that medical facility. how stupid can one get?

a bee visits the house lately. he flies and looks and leaves. tomorrow again maybe.

maybe another more virulent virus is affecting the intelligence and common sense of some people in government. passing thought.

he wants my understanding?!? fuck no. i cannot even wrap my head around how a person in his position in government can be so unthinking and inconsiderate. ugh. so fuck no.

why can’t people just be honest for just a little bit? a friend told us she had a client who is a pui — the mother is infected — and the client did not inform her about it. now the office is closed for disinfection.