covid days: 25 march

Woke up late, if you call 7:00am late. I talked to friends around the city last night, one from Dubai, one from Canada. It was good to see their faces. We are going to have an e-numan — a virtual drink out of sorts.

I wonder how can four private hospitals in the metro be at full capacity when there are only 552 confirmed cases (as of this writing, 0753H) which leads me to think there are really people who are sick and not have been tested(?).

Took at look at my twitter feed. There are a heap of unthinking people in politics.

I just got news from our health insurance that many hospitals does not accept any more pulmonary cases so if I get covid19 I’m essentially on my own. F*ck.

A senator who is a person under investigation (pui) went to a hospital with his pregnant wife potentially infecting a lot of people including the pregnant wife. How utterly stupid can one get?!?