Time to wake up

It has been about eight months since the start of the quarantine. Although there is still work to be done online, that work is still inside the house. We do go out for the occasional food run but essentially we’ve been cooped up in the house for about eight months. It’s like I’ve been hibernating. And now I feel it’s time to wake up, get out of the den and move.

I have been thinking about a new camera among other stuff.

I was looking at some of the photos I took and and I thought my camera (and lens) needs cleaning. It still works well and I have been keeping the exterior tidy and clean but the internals need to be really cleaned.

My DSLR, although still functional and quite usable, is almost ten years old and its features are getting really dated. The film camera is almost twenty years and I have not checked it out for more than two years.

So lately I have been looking at what cameras I can possibly purchase. I am not a professional so the pro stuff is not in my radar. Well, maybe some lenses. So I am limiting myself to enthusiast level cameras. And my wallet agrees.

And, as always, there is a BUT somewhere in these kind of thoughts. I do have to get stuff that we need first.

left behind

left behind

This is what I’ve been feeling since 2014. It didn’t matter that I held on for so long with pleas, promises and, prayers. They still leave. It didn’t matter that I shed tears for many, many months. I still get left behind.

The last one to leave was my brother — the last one I have.

My world fell quiet. And I felt alone.

A February Weekend

Mount Banahaw guarding over Sampaloc Lake. After this photo was taken one so very early morning I just had to stop and just take in the quiet and sight for a handful of moments. Not everything needed to be taken a photo of. Some you just leave for your eyes.
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I went to San Pablo one February weekend to get some duties done and to test and get familiar with this lens I got. I am quite used to using a 50mm prime lens and I want to see what photos I can get with a 24 – 35mm wide angle zoom. The image above is one moment I was able to record and more will be posted here in the coming months.