covid days : April 19, Sunday

It’s 3 o’clock in the morning and I’m reading the news. I seems that a lifting of the quarantine or lock down would be premature without a vaccine. There are antiviral meds being tested — Avigan (Fujifilm) and Remdesivir (Gilead) — but they only helps people to recover from covid-19. They do not prevent you from getting the virus and getting sick.

I’m going back to sleep but I thought of acquaintances, almost-friends, and just-faces and wonder how they are.

Minor chores left over from yesterday was finished. A quick run to the bakery done so I can indulge this craving for an old snack I had — pandesal with condensed milk inside. It was too hot to take a nap but I got some anyway.

I sent a chicken soup recipe to Robin and that got him hungry and within an hour he cooked a spicy pork-based soup with vegetables. It was good. ^_^