covid days : 05 april

It was like waking up to a normal Sunday morning. There was chirping birds while someone outside was sweeping the street out front. I can hear the distant rumble of an old tricycle muffling a conversation on the side.

I am having my coffee as I read some news and write this post, taking time to capitalize words.

This pandemic is bringing out the hidden in people. Some interesting and some not.

It’s a bit frustrating not getting any food aid from the barangay but I thought that more people around need it more than we do so I stay patient. But I’ll ask the captain about it if I ever see him.

I get sniffles sometimes during the day. I know it’s not covid related but it is an inconvenience anyway.

The day was slow and easy which is good. We should all experience that once a while during this pandemic. I think gives your brains a break.

I hope you have a good week.