Cloud storage until I croak

I want cloud storage for my photos, my videos, books and documents. Okay, Google offers the 15 gigabytes of storage space free for every gmail account and you get more at an additional per month cost. Dropbox offers an initial 2 gigabytes free space and a few more with referrals. If you want more then you’d have to pay more.

You get the idea — you’d have to pay more if you want more storage space (or more of anything, really). Facts of life. So now, all you’re left to figure out is how much money are you willing to spend for the cloud space you need. And you pay for that monthly — or yearly, it’s your preference.

I’m at that point in life where I’m exhausted of monthly payments. Seriously. If it’s at all possible, I’d prefer to pay everything up front and not worry about it anymore. Maybe it’s impatience or age. I don’t know.

Right about the same time all this exasperation is mucking about I came upon pCloud. It was new to me and it was offering free 10Gig storage on signup and an additional 1Gig if you install it on your smartphone. You’d get more free space with referrals. What caught my attention was their lifetime plan. And, as you guessed it, the initial cash outlay is up there but then I don’t have to worry 12 times a year where I would get the money to pay for it.

I tried out the service for a while and it seemed agreeable to my needs so when funds became available I got a lifetime plan. A 2-terabyte cloud space is mine until I croak by which point I would hardly care what happens to the contents. I can imagine it going up in flames or just disappearing.

If you want to try it click on my referral link and you’ll get something for free.

pCloud Lifetime