covid-19 days

I thought of writing whatever comes to mind about this virus. Kind of like a stream of thought kind of thing so reader be aware — I don’t know much of the thing like the rest of the planet as of this writing.

Covid-19 originated from Wuhan, China. That is a known FACT no matter how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) wants to spin their story. That was in the 2nd half of January 2020. It’s now March 23 and the virus has become a pandemic. It easy to get infected and fatalities are at 3%. Most cases are mild but the serious ones need serious caring. As one tweet said, “This virus is vile.”

There a no vaccine yet which means there is no cure yet so precautions have to be watched. Washing hands mostly. When going out I’d prefer to wear a facemask so I don’t get infected. I believe that if you’re not sick it’s not necessary to wear one but at the rate that people gets infected I’m taking precautions. I have not taken into wearing gloves when I go outside which is actually pretty rare now.

380 confirmed cases now. Yesterday it was 307. I am thinking there are more people who are asymptomatic walking around. Donated test kits are coming from China and South Korea. Our own test kits should be ready by mid April if certification goes well. I hope it does. But we still have to get the machines to process the kits and train more people for it.

If you you do not have any symptoms of the virus do not get tested! Reports came in that politicians and celebs (and some of their families) got tested just because. But most are not showing symptoms so they don’t need to be tested. The medical frontliners need it more than they do. Their names are listed and on the net.