That’s it so far

I’ve stopped updating because I suddenly found myself busy with troubleshooting some work-related stuff. And I preferred to actually write some personal things with ink on paper. Covid-19 is still here. A vague idea of a quarantine has set in and life is slowly restarting. The vaccine is estimated to come sometime 2021, later this year at the earliest. Life is still a little dangerous beyond the front door but life goes on.

So that’s it for now. And, hopefully, I will write here soon.

Preparations for the New

People and government has been talking about letting people going back to work when the ECQ is lifted and replaced by the GCQ on the 15th of May. The economy has to be restarted. To the small businesses, especially in the food sector, a number of the food services and it’s associated support establishments hasn’t really stopped.

But the move to get out of quarantine and start work in earnest is present and they want to begin efforts after the 15th. I am looking forward to a return to some form of normalcy concerning work but I am a little anxious about physically going to work. The virus is still around and there is still no vaccine to be seen in the immediate future. All we have are tests to see if we have contracted the virus or not. But the statistics also tell me that is that we do not perform enough of these tests. The the data so far gathered tell me that if one does get the virus, the chance of it being fatal is very minimal — 3.4% by WHO’s estimates — but no one wants to be included in that number.

I see myself going to the office soon after ECQ has been lifted or a few days after so either way I would have to really prepare for it.