covid days : 11 April

I was thinking about what would business and work be like after this pandemic. Connected to the internet became important in day to day life more at home than in the office. The cloud’s value to people and to businesses went up because of its accessibility . Mobility became important. Security and equipment reliability has become a concern.

We became more connected but largely physically apart. The old school in me says there is something wrong with that situation.

The laptop I call envy is still working BUT its running temperature is in the 80 – 90 °C and it even touches 95 °C so if I still want to use it should get a laptop cooler. But then what would I use it for? I must add that I used the laptop during the hottest part of the day but still…

covid days : 09 April

Some provinces have started requiring surgical face masks when they step out. I am not sure if I totally agree. Seeing that there is a shortage of surgical face masks we would just be competing with the medical health workers who need them the most. Yeah I’d wear a an ordinary face mask and maybe put a handkerchief as added protection.

Noon and it rains for a wee bit and a few minutes later it becomes humid as sin.

I have a functioning laptop that I got in 2011, I think. It has an early generation i5 (4th, I think), has been upgraded to 12 Gig of RAM and a 500Gig SSD. But the battery is dead and it heats up so much that the internal fans cannot keep up and the whole thing just eventually turns itself off. I don’t use it anymore but it can still be useful. I’ll likely clean it up tinker with the thing within the week or the next. I do have to preoccupy myself in these covid days.

Today was mostly filled with chores and I see doing more of it tomorrow.