covid days : 20 April + education

It has been about five weeks since the quarantine. There is still work but working from home, although surprisingly exhausting, still gives one a little extra amount of time for other indoor activities. I wanted to keep my head on right and decided to learn something or maybe two. So I’ve decided to fire up DuoLingo again and restart my Japanese language education.

I just read that the mayor of Manila will lock down the whole Sampaloc area where we are. Shet. That is a pretty big space. Reports say, as of this writing, 7:06am, we have the largest confirmed infections in the City of Manila at 98 and a suspected 158 more. They have not set when the lock down will be. We have to change some patters and plans because the nearest market is outside of Sampaloc.

Ang dami pa ring makukulit sa Maynila.

Robin just came in from a supply run. Vegetables, shrimp, pork, garlic, onions, and some veggies. He’s optimistic that it’s going to last for two weeks. My estimates go only up to one week but let’s see.

I also read from one of my reliable Viber groups about a plan on a country-wide lock down but that’s only a planned lock down if things get worse. I truly hope not. Handling this Sampaloc lock down is difficult enough to take in.

Watching the a webinar about the R&D Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The speakers are from international bio-pharmacy firms. The vaccines are being developed and some even started clinical trials. They did estimate that the availability of the vaccine will be by the second half of 2021. It seems to be a bit long for me but I have read that normally it takes about 10 to 12 years from research to availability. So I am somewhat relieved to see that the vaccine to covid-19 has been extremely accelerated.

Plans for the immediate future (up to the end 2021) must be made. That is up to two years. I still have to wrap that around my head before I can make any solid plans.

I have to stand up and walk around and move every once in a while to avoid from stiffing up my muscles. I should set an alarm for that. I also have consciously lessened my caffeine consumption and increased water intake. I am not sure if that last sentence is good for my soul.

It is almost 38℃ inside the house. I expect it to go down in about an hour and I’ve been sleepy. I do note that I wet the handkerchief on my thrice and it dried on top of my head three times.

around 4:30p:
There was this kagawad calling on residents to come and pick up what the Mayor was giving out to residents in the next street. Just bring the quarantine pass. I go to to the next street and I was told the group giving away stuff was in my street. I go back to my street and the group says my quarantine number is listed but will receive our share in the next batch within the day so we wait.

Evening curfew has started. We waited and they didn’t come back. There is this feeling of frustration. Maybe tomorrow.

Exercises tonight were light. My left thigh still hurts but it is a lot better now. I somehow have to let it rest by not doing the full set.