covid days : 04 April + secure DNS

updated: 25 April 2020

there’s no work today but i find myself online anyway. so phishing attacks are up exponentially since this covid-19 virus came out. my anti-malware for windows will expire in the next few months so i have to find (discounted) alternatives.

almost everyone is connected to the internet.

as added security i enabled secure dns in firefox, Ubuntu and Windows. it basically uses cloudflare’s dns server to confirm google it. i rarely use chrome and there are extra steps but i think it’s worth the effort. here’s the cloudflare post on how to set it up in your browser. oh, and it’s suppose to make things faster also.

it’s half past noon and it’s 36 ℃ inside the house. ugh.

early evening and i’m not hungry. laundry for the week is done. and thoughts of not having work for me and most people come to mind. this is one of those “rainy days” when you have to dig deep and plan how long the money you saved up will last. panic came to but there is no time for that. just be conscious of your spending and make it stretch as far as you can.

ending today on a vid call to friends from the north and south, dubai, japan, and canada. good meet.