In recovery?

I was just sitting around waiting for the water to boil and thought that I am going through now is much that recovery time after my episodes more than a decade ago. Except this time Cherry isn’t around. Hence I thought of tweeting … “tired and uninspired” again.

Weird week

This week has been really weird and strange for me. It’s slightly like that that time after I had my cerebral infarctions. I’ve had two.

I went to work last Monday and when I woke up on Tuesday I felt … wobbly. W T F. Nothing occurred that would give me that much stress so wtf. My balance is a little off. My speech is a bit slow but I do not think it’s slurred. No headaches or pains. I do not think it’s another infarction but I am precautions. So I am moving much more to keep active and have been reading aloud to practice my jaw and speech. So I feel I have improved much since that Tuesday and I will remain active.

So I am crossing my fingers.

windows of november

I was looking at the rooms in the house — thinking about something — and I started seeing pictures in my head. I picked up the camera and just started taking pictures.