and if life has failed you, leave the cross you're nailed to

Day’s End

Day's End

I like how you fell
into the rhythm of this life,
how our strides
match the lazy waves.
I like how your quiet
melts with the sea,
how your voice
melds with the wind.

But nothing lasts.
Days end.
The flickering sky
calls for sleep.
And as I close my eyes
I hear words escape me,
“Thank you.”




run away
escape to here
from you
with you.
and do nothing
but sleep,
do nothing,
but listen,
and see,
to lie,
in warmth
and silence.
the lonely flames,
set this place
a runaway
with me.
to here
with me.



We live in dreams,
you and I,between the waking streams
and the midnight sky,
among the silvered moonbeams
and emerald seas we fly.

We love in darkness,
you and I,
between shadowed madness
and silent sighs,
between hidden glances
and staring eyes.


a gift

cat skull

I found this little treasure while I was clearing up the backyard today. It was just staring at me from underneath the shade of the plants. I am treating it as a gift and as a reminder from my hellcat — he’s here and he’s watching over me.



night flight

Today would be a good day to be quiet
With no one else save myself
Be quiet with the voices in my head
Be company to silence as I walk the hours.

Tonight would be a good time to fly
Unfurl the wings and seek the sky
Fly with my demons and my angels
All of us soaring home.




The tears come uninvited
And they will not leave
Until the memories have faded
Ever this heart will grieve
’til this lonely life has ended.

04 march 2016




It has been quite rare for me to be visited in dreams by a long gone Tita but I do remember her promise of visiting me whenever. “Bibisitahin kita paminsan-minsan” (I shall visit you once in a while), she said. She would have this uncanny sense of timing and she would often dispense unsolicited advice that seemed unwarranted and out of the blue at the time. It was as if she was always shadowing me. This is what I remember of her visit:

Stop this. Look elsewhere. Fly elsewhere.

Look elsewhere. What you seek is not here. The sun has set and the mayas have folded their wings. It is late in the night and the candles are already resting. So take off your shoes, rest for a spell. Afford yourself some sleep and when the darkness departs, set off once more.

Go. What you seek is not here. It is time to fly elsewhere.




of all the million lights in the sky,
i only need one,

that would be enough for this life.


You get to meet a great number of people in a single lifetime and if you’re lucky you’d get to know a handful of them pretty well. Some will be constant companions, and even become close friends. These are the people who accept everything that you show of yourself to them — good or bad — and they will just smile and take your arm and lead you to the next conversation in the next café.

She left on her own terms not needing to explain herself to anyone.

Thank you for the wonderful company. Good night.





you are my poem,
my muse,
my day.

today you are everyone,
and everything
today, you are my poem.


morning rains

morning rains

arm draped around my shoulder
your embrace a warm comfort
as the morning rains get colder

your breath holds me to bed
keeping me under your folds
your hand cradling my head

so pull me much closer
hug me tighter
make me wish this lasts forever



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