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There. Do you see it?” He just stood up from bed and was looking out to sea. The sun was already low on the horizon and was hidden by clouds.

See what?“, she asked as she raised her head from the pillows. She was looking at him, at his eyes staring at something in the distance.

Our path.“, he whispered with a slight smile.

She squinted at him for a moment, “Will we be happy?

His smile became wider, “Yes.

Then come back to sleep.

 (the photo was taken in Batac, Bataan, 23rd of May 2015)


I have been quite preoccupied from this vantage point for nearly two weeks now and I find that I have lesser time for other pursuits. Nevertheless, I will honor the other things that I have committed to. It will just take a little more time as I gladly accept this new and exciting challenge. ^_^


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javascript site

I am a trusting person by nature but I have become paranoid over time because of what the things I’ve seen. When I encounter websites like the one above alarm bells in my head start clanging and the spider sense starts tingling and I move on to friendlier sites. You see, javascript have been used to deliver malware or redirect you to a site that has malware in the past so I installed a browser plugin that, by default, prevents any javascript from loading and therefore prevent it from running on my browser.

Web developers shouldn’t really make sites that depend too much on scripts in order to be usable or in this case, viewable. A site should be able to stand alone using HTML and CSS. The rest is just icing.


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I place you in cared silver
Sealed it with a tear and a prayer
Chain it to my promise
And wear it like a kiss

April 2015


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You called me to your side
You looked at me, looked into my eyes
and softly said, ‘I love you.’
You bowed your head
You closed your eyes

and quietly said, ‘Goodbye.’


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March 2015

A Bulul is a carved wooden figure used to guard the rice crop by the Igorot peoples of northern Luzon. The sculptures are highly stylized representations of ancestors, and are thought to gain power from the presence of the ancestral spirit. The Ifugao are particularly noted for their skill in carving bululs. Bululs are used in ceremonies associated with rice production and with healing. — from Wikipedia More info here.

This particular bulul is carved from wood. What is unusual about it is that the figure is male and is caring for a child which one does not normally see compared to the more common bululs. I forget when we got this bulul but it has been guarding us for more than 17 years.

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So I spent the morning of yesterday (10 April 2015) climbing a smallish mountain (or a HUGE hill if you’re picky) in San Pablo City. The climb took about an hour and a half and about a litre of water. Near the top I was able to take this photo of a part of the City, thankfully still covered with a lot of greens. I wasn’t high enough yet to have some of the lakes included in the photo but the greens and the mountains really looked nice from here. And even though it was nearing noon, the breeze remained cool.

Click through to my Flickr if you want to see this photo in full resolution (about 18 mpx).

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I took a photo of a place inside my waking head, still sleepy and hazy, dreamy to be sure, with shadows still, because dreams also have their secrets.

The morning blue mountains somewhere in between Baguio and Sagada. This was taken from a moving bus zig-zagging along Halsema Highway.


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He turned 17 today.

People say that they grow up so fast. That may be. But then it just might be that people grow old too fast.

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Pauwi na Galing Iskwela
March 2015
Sagada, Mountain Province

It was just a while ago that I was walking home from school with my friends (or cousins, I don’t remember). The lessons learned from the day already written down and tucked in an obscure corner of my head. All that’s left to think about is how to spend what’s left of the day. Patintero? Sikyo? Cartoons? Comic books? Mirienda-bath-nap? Or just hang out? Simple choices.

Now I just captured this moment and wonder where the simple choices have gone. Or maybe they’re still there but my world just got noisier.