covid days: 28 march

last night brought some fun to close a stressful week and end a dreadful day. a handful of us got together bringing our own drink for the day — coffee for one, alcohol and nibblers for most of of us. we dubbed it as e-numan over video chat. fun.

okay, 28th of march, what fresh hell did you bring today?

happy birthday dad. please watch over us. okay i just found out that my dad shares the same birthday as duterte but my friends know who i’m greeting.

i was hoping to read some good news but no. there isn’t much. not yet anyway.

so today, i must start to exercise to prevent atrophy. and start to re-layout life plans. i talked to the boy about our current situation and we planned on what to do for the next two months or so. we are on the same page.

found out that there’s one covid case in my hometown at the other side of the lake. and the whole province of laguna is on total lockdown.

it has been a long time since i’ve taken a good nap.

covid days: 27 march

it’s a Friday. but it doesn’t feel like the weekend is coming. i seriously have to start a home fitness program.

it’s past noon and i haven’t looked at my twitter feed yet. and i lost some weight.

work today wasn’t so stressful, it seems. that or i am getting used to the routine. but covid or no covid, house chores still needs to be done.

well, no. it’s as stressful as any other covid day. i asked myself when will life go back to normal and i thought maybe a month or two after someone comes up with a vaccine for covid-19 when it becomes widely available.

forced half-day leave. i still have to get my head around that one. it’s like hitting close to home. so maybe the words for that ought to be written with ink on paper.

covid days: 26 march

woke up 4:30. too early. i am still mad the koko pimentel, senator, who is a pui for covid19 and was under home quarantine. he walked in to makati med with his pregnant wife, didn’t inform the staff that he was a pui. it was found that he was infected with the virus, also his wife. he knew of his covid-19 status and he still went to the hospital endangering the lives of the doctors, nurses, staff and other patients there. and he wants the people to try and understand him. fuck. he’s a senator who knows the law. he knows what’s happening to the world and what is happening to this country. he knows he is infected and should be under extreme quarantine. and he still went out with his pregnant wife to makati med, knowing that he might infect somebody in that medical facility. how stupid can one get?

a bee visits the house lately. he flies and looks and leaves. tomorrow again maybe.

maybe another more virulent virus is affecting the intelligence and common sense of some people in government. passing thought.

he wants my understanding?!? fuck no. i cannot even wrap my head around how a person in his position in government can be so unthinking and inconsiderate. ugh. so fuck no.

why can’t people just be honest for just a little bit? a friend told us she had a client who is a pui — the mother is infected — and the client did not inform her about it. now the office is closed for disinfection.

covid days: 25 march

Woke up late, if you call 7:00am late. I talked to friends around the city last night, one from Dubai, one from Canada. It was good to see their faces. We are going to have an e-numan — a virtual drink out of sorts.

I wonder how can four private hospitals in the metro be at full capacity when there are only 552 confirmed cases (as of this writing, 0753H) which leads me to think there are really people who are sick and not have been tested(?).

Took at look at my twitter feed. There are a heap of unthinking people in politics.

I just got news from our health insurance that many hospitals does not accept any more pulmonary cases so if I get covid19 I’m essentially on my own. F*ck.

A senator who is a person under investigation (pui) went to a hospital with his pregnant wife potentially infecting a lot of people including the pregnant wife. How utterly stupid can one get?!?

covid-19 days: 24 March

happy hour by the housemartins play as a group exchange stories on the street. it’s just nine in the morning. today’s Robin’s birthday in lockdown/quarantine enhanced. i planned something fancy but life happens. For now, he’s planning on getting what he wants.

i’ve been limiting it quite successfully but i want to smoke.

I just read 501 confirmed cases as of 1258H.

Most of the sirens I hear are from ambulances. I got news that the two St. Lukes’ (QC & BGC), Makati Medical Center and Medical City (Pasig) cannot take anymore covid-19 patients.

It’s 7:38pm. Work is winding down. I find it weird that this particular work-from-home scenario is especially tiring.

she’s been gone 2,000 days.