covid days : 09 April

Some provinces have started requiring surgical face masks when they step out. I am not sure if I totally agree. Seeing that there is a shortage of surgical face masks we would just be competing with the medical health workers who need them the most. Yeah I’d wear a an ordinary face mask and maybe put a handkerchief as added protection.

Noon and it rains for a wee bit and a few minutes later it becomes humid as sin.

I have a functioning laptop that I got in 2011, I think. It has an early generation i5 (4th, I think), has been upgraded to 12 Gig of RAM and a 500Gig SSD. But the battery is dead and it heats up so much that the internal fans cannot keep up and the whole thing just eventually turns itself off. I don’t use it anymore but it can still be useful. I’ll likely clean it up tinker with the thing within the week or the next. I do have to preoccupy myself in these covid days.

Today was mostly filled with chores and I see doing more of it tomorrow.

covid days : 08 April, Wednesday + Kaspersky

This week is Holy Week. Despite of, or maybe because of the virus, people still prepare for it even while working from home. Maybe some will physically go to church but I guess most will go virtual and go directly to the Vatican.

And because of that cybersecurity webinar that I listened in on I am reminded that I have to continue fortifying the my shizz. So I’m fortifying more. I’m not trusting the CCP. I’ve been getting DDoS from Chinese ip addresses. Now I get a lot of injection attempts. And a network scan from New Jersey(?). The IP addresses might be spoofed though but it doesn’t hide the attempts on the network or on a computer connected directly to the internet.

To help with your wallet and your computing security you can get a free antivirus from Kaspersky. It’s actually Security Cloud Free and doesn’t have all the fancy trimmings but the core is there. Read about here. I’m going give a go after my current AV expires.

It is heartening to know that people and companies from other countries are helping us through this times even though their own country is facing the same problem.

Have a meaningful Holy Week.

covid days : 07 April

People are being forced to grow up en masse. People learn things under pressure. Things will change. The way we do things, the way we see people will change. This will happen slowly at first but it will happen. Things change.

As the days come closer to the quarantine deadline of April 15 there is this news that it may likely be extended for two more weeks and last until the end of the month.

The food aid from the baranggay came. Salamat po!

Now I have five video meet apps installed. five! sheesh.

I attended a cybersecurity webinar and I wanted to just comment rather than ask a question.

The lockdown / quarantine will be extended until April 30. Time to modify plans again.

Thursday and Friday is a holiday so I can catch some rest. Maybe cook something I like.

My throat hurts a little. Not from covid-19. I had a big gulp of piping hot coffee this morning and now it hurts a little when I swallow. Stupid me.

Covid days : 06 April

Another day of quarantine. Maybe the appropriate word would be isolation. It’s been almost one month. 20 days. The government is thinking of extending the quarantine for another two weeks which will cover the whole month of April. This is done to prevent any more infections. If the Filipinos have enough patience and discipline it could be done but it needs the government to support its people.

It’s hard to keep yourself going in a pandemic but it is harder to keep you business afloat and keep yourself going. But I also know that it has to be done. So bagon.

So I get to learn to use another app. And this one may be useful in my future.

One thing I observed in an online meeting or webinar is that the host and the speakers should have a fast internet connection.

There’s another sunrise tomorrow. Goodnight.

covid days : 05 april

It was like waking up to a normal Sunday morning. There was chirping birds while someone outside was sweeping the street out front. I can hear the distant rumble of an old tricycle muffling a conversation on the side.

I am having my coffee as I read some news and write this post, taking time to capitalize words.

This pandemic is bringing out the hidden in people. Some interesting and some not.

It’s a bit frustrating not getting any food aid from the barangay but I thought that more people around need it more than we do so I stay patient. But I’ll ask the captain about it if I ever see him.

I get sniffles sometimes during the day. I know it’s not covid related but it is an inconvenience anyway.

The day was slow and easy which is good. We should all experience that once a while during this pandemic. I think gives your brains a break.

I hope you have a good week.