covid days : 13 April

Monday the 13th. They have not found a vaccine yet.

I came across a tweet in my feed and it made me think of that coffee farm I wanted to have, roast the beans the way I want them roasted.

covd days : 12 April Easter Sunday

Peace be with you.

I often let my mind wander to anywhere it wants. Today my thought was after this pandemic, things has to be better. We should have store of the things we lacked like PPEs for the health workers, medical grade reusable face masks for the general public. And maybe we should manufacture them so that we are not dependent on their imports.

The IATF adopts the policy of mandatory public disclosure of personal information relating to positive COVID-19 cases to enhance the contact tracing efforts of the government.” The Data Privacy Act allow the government to disclose sensitive personal data on cases of national security. In this case, data needed for contact tracing of of people who tested positive for covid-19. This does not apply to Persons Under Investigation (PUIs) or Persons Under Monitoring (PUMs). My opinion as a data privacy officer is that the personal data to be released should only be the name of the patient, the patient’s home address and the patient’s whereabouts for that past 14 days from the date the patient was tested as the name of the person or persons the patient was in close contact with during those 14 days.

And I just read some news that Japan drops China over this pandemic. I am not surprised. The US is putting some heavy thought into taking out their manufacturing from China as well.

And then there’s this news about China-backed hackers attacking linux servers. Hmmm maybe it’s time to hack them back.

I restarted my exercises. The first should always be easy and increasing the difficulty as I progress through the week. I’ll see where I am by Friday. The target is just to get fit.

covid days : 11 April

I was thinking about what would business and work be like after this pandemic. Connected to the internet became important in day to day life more at home than in the office. The cloud’s value to people and to businesses went up because of its accessibility . Mobility became important. Security and equipment reliability has become a concern.

We became more connected but largely physically apart. The old school in me says there is something wrong with that situation.

The laptop I call envy is still working BUT its running temperature is in the 80 – 90 °C and it even touches 95 °C so if I still want to use it should get a laptop cooler. But then what would I use it for? I must add that I used the laptop during the hottest part of the day but still…

covid days : 10 April

Good Friday. They must have a reason to name it like that. Local news is not so encouraging so I look at tech news and momentarily involve myself in something nerdy.

I may start writing again by hand. Not everything needs to be digital. Some of the important words deserves to be committed to ink on paper. Besides, my handwriting still needs to be improved on among other things.

It is difficult not to feel frustrated with everything especially the leadership in this country right now but I also realized that frustration just adds unnecessary stress. So will silently trust that the leaders and people in general are doing the best that they can do. I’ll just take note of things and start collecting when this pandemic is over. Maniningil na lang ako pag tapos na ito.

Yes, I believe this pandemic will be end.