covid days : April 19, Sunday

It’s 3 o’clock in the morning and I’m reading the news. I seems that a lifting of the quarantine or lock down would be premature without a vaccine. There are antiviral meds being tested — Avigan (Fujifilm) and Remdesivir (Gilead) — but they only helps people to recover from covid-19. They do not prevent you from getting the virus and getting sick.

I’m going back to sleep but I thought of acquaintances, almost-friends, and just-faces and wonder how they are.

Minor chores left over from yesterday was finished. A quick run to the bakery done so I can indulge this craving for an old snack I had — pandesal with condensed milk inside. It was too hot to take a nap but I got some anyway.

I sent a chicken soup recipe to Robin and that got him hungry and within an hour he cooked a spicy pork-based soup with vegetables. It was good. ^_^

covid days : 18 April, Saturday

Weekends has become chores days and also a time to think about how to streamline “household processes” so there’s more chill time. Yeah, it’s a little obsessive but what the hey.

I think I overstretched something yesterday and now it’s hurts a bit when I walk. Ugh. I should move about when I work. Or when I play games. I was a bit more active moving about before the quarantine and I have to replicate that. So tonight I think I’m just going to stretch — lightly — if I can hold myself back.

It’s a Saturday. I have done plenty of chores I think and there are more tomorrow so tonight I’m just going to chill.

Have a good night!

covid days : 17 April

Okay, it’s the last day of the work week and I’d like to put in my take on using zoom. A lot of people know about what it is and if you don’t please google it.

Recently there’s been about a huge increase in the usage of zoom since it’s easy to use. But easy and secure does not really go well together. There’s a security vulnerability regarding a hacker can take full control of a Mac. This has been fixed. There’s a security issue where Zoom leaks personal info to Facebook even if you don’t have an account. The software dev kit (SDK) has been pulled from iOS app by removing the “Login with Facebook” feature. End-to-End encryption. There is some form of encryption, yes, but it’s the the full blown encryption protocols that everyone has in the minds. That’ll take months. Zoom can expose your Windows password to users. This has been fixed. It was reported that local attackers can use Zoom to install malware. This has been fixed. They say China can eavesdrop on your Zoom conversations. Zoom fixed this by giving the Zoom host if they want to route Zoom traffic to be routed to China or not.

The important vulnerabilities have been fixed and it does help if the hosts of a meeting or a webinar is cautious also. FYI, this is not a paid post in case you’re wondering. For references please see the links at the bottom of this post.

The old normal is gone. It is now history. I do not know what the new normal will be after this pandemic. This new normal will not even be happening after the quarantine is over. It’s probably going to happen after the vaccine has been widely spread and available to the public. I think I’ve said that before. I see connectivity to the Internet becoming essential. I see offices become smaller because working from home becoming part of life.

It’s 9:41am and there are more vehicles and people on the streets. Most of the vehicles are making deliveries and the people are walking to their destinations as public transport is still at zero. Still there are more people out. Not as much as before the quarantine happened though. Maybe they don’t know that the quarantine has been extended until the end of the month. Or maybe they just don’t care anymore.

It started raining before four in the afternoon. It also rained yesterday. At least it cools the afternoons down and maybe add some water to our supply.

Another week done. Five days of exercises and there’s the expected pains but that’s just restarts. This has to continue through the weekend though even with chores being done.

* Rapid7

covid days : 16 April

I started out the day too early with questions like : What am I going to do today? What am I going to do after I got vaccinated. Am I even going to survive this? And then faces of people come to mind. Good faces. Maybe about half I don’t give much thought to but the rest I wonder how they are and some I send a silent wish that they are well. For a handful, I wish to see them and talk again after the pandemic is over. There are bound to be stories to be told and heard.

It rained today and now the breeze from the open window is cooler. I hope that sleep is also better.

covid days : 15 April

I got a letter last night which quickly became a non-letter. Either way I have decided to help and do whatever I can. What else is there to do? I’d rather have something productive to do other than exercising or watching videos most of the day.

So what do I do on my chill time? Most of the time I play Diablo III online. I have been playing it since Diablo II but I stopped. My brother gifted me with D3 a few months after my wife passed away and I have been regularly playing the game since. Aside from the game, I usually watch sci-fi vids. It’s an old preference of mine. There are others but I would rather not post them here.

I just observed when I was quickly going over the news from the US. that they have started calling covid-19 by another name — the CCP virus. The Chinese Communist Party must be pissed right now. Well, the CCP was trying to deny that the virus came from Wuhan, China even though all known evidence points to Wuhan. Investigations into this is ongoing.

I walked a lot. If it’s about two to three kilometers I’d prefer to walk it rather than take a jeep — I get to see more stuff. But this quarantine messed that up a bit so I get my exercise indoors. But it’s okay. As long as there’s music I’m good.